Exponential Leadership University

Leadership 101: Leadership Styles and Traits

  • Learn the 10 Primary Leadership Styles and understand when to utilize each style for maximum effectiveness
  • Learn 6 Primary and 25 Secondary Leadership Traits necessary to effectively Lead
  • How to identify and develop your individual leadership style.
  • How to maintain your positive traits and strengthen your weaker ones.
  • Learn how you lead based upon your individual personality style
  • Pinpoint and sharpen the individual strengths, which cause others to follow you.

Leadership 102: Stress Management

  • Learning to reduce organizational stress
  • Learning how to organize to minimize stress
  • Learning to prioritize organizational tasks to reduce stress

Leadership: 103: Basic Organizational Leadership

  • Developing organizational mission
  • Developing organizational vision
  • Developing organizational core values
  • Developing organizational culture
  • Developing organizational goals
  • Developing organizational assessments

Leadership103 Course available!

Leadership 200: Building Effective Teams

  • Recruiting and selecting team members
  • Establishing and managing leadership roles, responsibilities expectations
  • Developing a training and continuing education program for your team members
  • Building your team to work cohesively and synergistically
  • Getting your team to own the vision and operate within the organizational mission and vision

Leadership200 Course available!

Leadership 201: Dealing with conflict in the organization

  • Managing sensitive and challenging conversations
  • Managing confrontation and conflict with civility
  • How to initiate difficult conversations
  • How to handle conflict with civility
  • How to navigate opposing perspectives in a manner, which causes the relationship to continue.
  • How to be opposed without becoming frustrated or bitter

Leadership 300: Dealing with Effective Change Management

  • Planning for change
  • Developing the need change
  • Communicating the need for Change
  • Developing key ambassadors to champion change
  • Navigating the change process through to completion

Classes becoming available Summer 2018

  • Leadership 301: Strategic Plan Development
  • Leadership 302: Project Management
  • Leadership 303: Risk Management
  • Leadership 304: Process Improvement
  • Business 100: Business Plan Basics
  • Non-Profit 101: Non-Profit Incorporation, and Organizational Structure
  • Non-Profit 102: Non-Profit Board Organization and Development